5 weird and unusual attractions of Budapest, Hungary

Among the strange attractions are two unusual pubs, a pinball museum, a moving monument and the biggest hourglass in the world.

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is a stunningly beautiful city, lying across the River Danube. In two parts, the Chain Bridge from the 19th century connects the Buda district to the other side, which is Pest. In Buda’s old town there is a funicular which runs up Castle Hill, while the Budapest History Museum has exhibits dating from the Roman times. There are more attractions [VIDEO]in Trinity Square, with its Fishermen’s Bastion and the Matthias Church which dates back to the 13th century.

While all this is fascinating, there is also a more unusual and hidden side [VIDEO] to the city, which we explore below. Among the attractions are the For Sale and Red Ruin pubs, a row of iron shows on the banks of the Danube, the largest hourglass in the world and a pinball museum.


For Sale Pub - 2 Vámház krt. Budapest, Hungary

The For Sale Pub is not actually up for sale. This unusual drinking establishment in a posh shopping centre allows visitors to leave personal ads wherever they like. The ceiling and walls are covered with notes left by the clientele. The floor is a little unusual too, as it is covered in straw and the pub invites its patrons to drop peanut shells all over the floor. Judging by the video, they play some pretty good music there too.


Shoes on the Danube Promenade - 18 Id. Antall József rkp. Budapest, Hungary

This haunting and sad attraction was created to remember the almost 20,000 Jews who were brutally shot and killed by the Szalasi on the banks of the River Danube. They were forced to remove their shoes, as those were a valuable commodity back then, before they were shot and fell into the icy water. The simple and moving monument was created in iron by sculptor Gyula Pauer and film director Can Togay and consists of 60 pairs of shoes.


Red Ruin Bar - 25 Irányi u. Budapest, Hungary

Another pub to visit in Budapest is Red Ruin, a bar that pokes fun at the city’s communist past. The walls are covered with a mural of Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin, all wearing birthday hats and celebrating a “communist party.” The popular bar also uses red fluorescent light for effect and there is a cardboard poster of Marx and Lenin that you can pop your face through for original selfies. As noted by Atlas Obscura runny posters can be seen everywhere.


Timewheel - Olof Palme sétány 3 Budapest, Hungary

The Timewheel in Budapest is likely the largest hourglass in the world. It takes the whole year to completely drain and only needs resetting on New Year’s Eve. The monument was created to commemorate Hungary’s addition to the European Union in 2004. Time is measured with tiny pieces of glass which pass through the clock. A computer system is used to keep the timing right.


Flipper Muzeum - Radnóti Miklós utca Budapest, Hungary

Those of the more mature generation will remember pinball machines and the Pbal Gallery (Flipper Muzeum) has dozens of them, still in action after all these years. The museum is in a basement of a downtown building in the city and is heaven for avid pinball enthusiasts with is rows of classic pinball machines.

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