5 weird and wonderful attractions in Berlin, Germany

Weissensee Abandoned Children's Hospital in Berlin, Germany. [Image Jan Bommes/Flickr]
Weissensee Abandoned Children's Hospital in Berlin, Germany. [Image Jan Bommes/Flickr]

Berlin has many museums and art galleries to visit, but the city also has a weird, scary and fascinating side including monsters and eerie ruins.

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5 eerie and strange attractions to visit in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany is a fascinating city, with many museums and art galleries to visit. However, the city also has a stranger side, with several very unusual and often weird attractions to visit.

Get a little scared while exploring the Monster Kabinett and the eerie Design Panoptikum. Go down under Berlin to explore its wartime underworld. Explore a ruined children's hospital or view an unusual art installation. The choice is yours!


Monster Kabinett, Rosenthaler Straße 39, Berlin

Monster Kabinett lives up to its name and displays strange and huge robotic creatures, insect-like animals, clanking metal sculptures and things that go bump in the night. The museum is the brainchild of the Dead Pigeon Collective, a group of artists. Along with the strange art, costumed people put on a scary show from Wednesdays to Saturday. While it is safe to visit, the intention of the artists is to inspire fear and dread in their visitors.


Berliner Unterwelten (Berlin Underworld), 105 Brunnenstraße, Berlin, Germany

A visit to Berlin’s underworld is a strange and unsettling experience, where visitors enter a dark bunker and explore stairways and rubble taking them down under the ground. Take a tour to visit an air raid bunker, abandoned subway stations and tunnels used in World War II to smuggle people out of East Germany. There are four floors, where bomb and ammunition storage and a pneumatic postal system can be viewed.

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