5 things to do in Venice, Italy

Venice in Italy is romantic, beautiful, and offers many things to experience. Here are five of them.

Venice, Italy is a top destination in Europe. The unique city, made up of hundreds of islands connected by canals and bridges has a charm all of its own. There are many things to experience in Italy's "floating city," including shopping, riding on a gondola, visiting the Piazza San Marco, Murano's glass factory, and even kayaking.


Satisfy the shopping urge at T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi looks like a palace. The architecture is specially designed to blend in with the old buildings in the city. Beautiful marbled floors greet you, and high-end shops of all kinds can be seen under arched entrances. Excellent dining options await as well as fashion and accessories like Gucci and Cartier. If you get up to the fourth floor, there's a nice view of the Grand Canal. It's locate close to the Rialto Bridge.


Spend time in the Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square)

This splendid square contains the beautiful church of St Mark. The Piazzetta di San Marco adjoins, and is a beautiful space that leads to the lagoon waterway. In the area you will also find the magnificent Doges palace.


Go to Murano to see the renowned glass blowers

Murano glass is loved across the world. Get across to Murano and visit the glass factory. The craftwork is stunning, as are the beautifully painted houses in the area.


Take a ride on a gondola

Of course, everyone associates Venice with gondolas. Find some people to share the ride if the budget is tight. The price is for six people. This is a must-do in the floating city.


Kayak around the canals of Venice with experienced guides

Did you know that you can kayak in Venice? This eco-friendly way of seeing the city from sea-level could be the highlight of your trip. Explore the quieter canals and get up close to the real Venice. Alternatively, book a night trip to experience even more magic.

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