5 new Netflix series and films streaming this weekend

Netflix Original series "Dogs" is streaming this weekend. [Image Netflix/YouTube]
Netflix Original series "Dogs" is streaming this weekend. [Image Netflix/YouTube]

There's a choice of a comedy, a furry docuseries, a thriller, a music documentary and a revival of a 1980s cartoon series.

Netflix is constantly introducing new talent, films and shows. Sometimes it's hard to keep up, but luckily we can stream the series or movies whenever we want.

The following new series and films started streaming November 16 and include a psychological thriller in the tech world, a comedy series with two old friends, a music documentary about a Brazilian pop icon, a revival of a 1980s cartoon series and a docuseries about some of our very best, four-legged friends.


Technology thriller film: 'Cam'

“Cam” is a psychological thriller that explores the darker side of cam girls. The lead is played by Madeline Brewer (“Orange is the New Black”) as Alice, a cam girl who gets locked out of her channel and finds her identity and life is being stolen by a girl who looks just like her.


Comedy series: 'The Kominsky Method'

“The Kominsky Method” is a comedy series, executive-produced by Chuck Lorre and starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. The men are Sandy and Norman, two old friends who are busy navigating older age and its perils, with what Netflix describes as “humour, dignity and some prostate trouble.”

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