5 of the weirder things to do while in Mexico City

Choose from an island of scary dolls, a witchcraft market, mummies, vintage toys and a former luxury hotel.

Mexico City is a vast metropolis with art galleries and other "normal" attractions to explore [VIDEO] including Templo Mayor, an Aztec temple dating back to the 13th century and the Palacio Nacional, which exhibits the work of artist Diego Rivera,

Here we look at the more unusual side [VIDEO] of the capital of Mexico, including an eerie island with hundreds of dolls hanging in the trees, a market selling items relating to mysticism and witchcraft, a museum of mummies, another with vintage toys and a dilapidated former luxury hotel.


La Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls) - Parque Ecológico De Xochimilc, Mexico City, Mexico

Don Julian Santana left his family and moved to this island in the Teshuila Lake 50 years ago. Legend said a young girl had drowned in the lake, so Santana dedicated his life to honouring her soul with a collection of dolls. It is now an eerie place to visit, with hundreds of dolls found in the rubbish near his home and hanging in the trees in an eerie tableau. Santana also decorated his cabin with dolls, wearing sunglasses, head dresses and other fashion. Chucky, anyone?


Mercado de Sonora - Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 419, Merced Balbuena, Mexico City

The esoteric Sonora Market has something for everyone who believes in magic (black or white), natural healing and mysticism. As noted by Broadly, vendors offer items like a holy water spray, ritual pamphlets, a magic soap, animals, vegetables and fruits.


The Mummies at Museo de El Carmen - Av Revolución S/N, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City, Mexico

Set in a former monastery school and chapel dating back to 1628, the museum now houses a collection of religious art relating to the Colonial period. Down below in the crypt, 12 former parishioners lie in mummified form. They were found by the Liberation Army of the South when hunting for treasure, and they left them where they lay. Now visitors can see them, laying in velvet-lined glass and wood caskets. Oh, and you can buy great tacos in the area! Fast forward to 5:28 to see the mummies.


Museo del Juguete Antiguo México - Dr. Olvera 15, Mexico City, Mexico

According to Atlas Obscura, the Museum of Vintage toys opened in 2006 and now displays toys dating from the 19th century to the 1980s. They are the collection of architect Roberto Shimizu Kinoshita, who began collecting the toys from the age of 10. There are four floors on display, including colourful toys especially enjoyed by Mexicans.


La Posada del Sol - 139 Av. Niños Heroes Doctores, Mexico City, Mexico

La Posada del Sol is a dilapidated building which was, for a short time, a luxurious hotel by architect Fernando Saldana Galvan. He built it in the mid-20th century and added sculptures and art, which can still be seen today. The hotel was only open for a few months before Galvan killed himself after getting into debt. Nowadays the hotel is believed to be haunted by a young girl and visitors can buy sweets to give as a tribute on the girl’s altar to help her escape a curse.

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