5 delightful video clips of baby rhinos

Rhinos are endangered and many young ones lost their mums to poachers, but there's a goodness in the hearts of those who dedicate their lives to them.

Rhinos are under threat of extinction and the growing demand for their horns means babies often lose their mums to the slaughter. However, thanks to the goodness in the hearts of many people, there is a chance for these little orphans. Those lucky enough to remain safe from the poachers become endearing, which is hard to believe at first sight of the animals. The adults are huge and weigh in at between 1,600 kg (4,000 lb) and 2,400 kg (5,000 lb). Rhinos mainly survive only in Nature reserves, zoos and in special places run by wildlife organisations. Here are some delightful clips of baby rhinos at their cutest.


Sheldrick Wildlife in Kenya

This video by Sheldrick Wildlife in Kenya shows baby rhino Maarifa charging around but struggling to master the art of "braking."


Rhino youngster imitates a friend

This video shows a slighty bigger young rhino, but it's still a baby. Gertjie was orphaned and in her new home she made a friend - a young goat. Here, she tries to imitate her best buddie.


Baby Rhino charges a car

This baby rhino was not a orphan, but it's trying to act like a grown up in a nature reserve. People in cars do get charged by adults on occasion in Africa. Look at the little scamp having a blast. His family seem unconcerned about his antics.


Rhino runs circles around its mom

This little rhino lives in a zoo. It's a sad fact that many of them only survive in places like zoos. If the world were a better place this little fellow would be living in the wilderness. Nevertheless, on this day, it was was full of beans and simply loving life.


baby rhino explores a new home

This baby rhino is very cute but sticks close to mom as they explore their new enclosure. This little darling is undeniably adorable. While we may disagree with animals in captivity, sadly, for the baby rhinos, that may be all that separates them from extinction in years to come. Hats off to all the people who dedicate their lives to trying make the future brighter for rhinos.

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