A family was enjoying a visit to the Africam Safari Park, located in Puebla, Mexico. It turns out a male rhinoceros was in the mood for mating at the time, so just wasn’t his usual self. Video footage was taken by another visitor to the park, which shows the rhino repeatedly ramming the family’s vehicle, smashing it and trying to overturn the SUV.

The video clip also shows three Africam employees watching as the terrifying attack unfolded. They eventually distracted the large male rhino, allowing the family to drive away safely.

Family’s car attacked by rhinoceros

As reported by ITV News, the family’s terrifying experience on 30th July involved them making their way through the safari park while viewing the various animals on display. All was fine until they encountered the rhino. It can only be imagined how the family felt as the huge animal repeatedly charged their vehicle, heading to the rear of the car and trying its best to turn it over. Initially, the park’s employees watched in horror as the incident unfolded. The employees, who were scarily walking around on foot, eventually managed to distract the rhino, allowing the family to drive off in safety.

The family told the local press that they experienced “strong emotions” while the rhino charged and attacked their vehicle, but they did say it was an experience they won’t soon forget.

As reported by The Independent, the video footage was taken by Luis Angel Gonzalez, who was in another car in the Africam Safari Park. The video footage, provided by The Guardian, is included below.

‘Isolated incident’ due to female rhino in heat

According to park officials, the incident happened after the large male rhino scented a female rhino nearby who was in heat and ready to mate.

He obviously didn’t want a human audience during his romantic approach to the female. The park said in a statement that this was an isolated incident and that the mating pair has now been separated until the female is no longer in heat. The statement continued by saying the park had taken the necessary measures immediately to ensure such an incident never happens again.

English family attacked by a bear

Sophie Mallaney of Leighton Buzzard would no doubt feel sympathy for the Mexican family. As recently reported, she and her family were enjoying a day out at the Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire when their car was attacked by a black bear. Possibly also suffering from the English heatwave, the bear climbed onto their vehicle and attempted to chew on it before heading to a side window. In that incident, the family claims they hooted for help, but no safari park employees came to their aid.