As the Spanish resort city of Benidorm is popular with British tourists, the Liverpool Echo have investigated whether it is safe for Brits to visit the holiday spot. This comes after a shooting in a popular Benidorm tourist spot, filled with nightclubs and bars, at around 11 PM Spanish time on Wednesday night that saw two men injured.

According to The Sun, besides the shooting, another injured man is a former BBC radio presenter. The man is reportedly in a critical condition in an Alicante hospital following a beating in a Benidorm bar on the night before the shooting.

Shooting may be related to ‘drug trafficking’

The Liverpool Echo quotes a Spanish news outlet, Diario Informacion, as saying Wednesday’s shooting in Mallorca Street was possibly related to drug trafficking in the city. That report also said four bullet casings had been discovered at the scene of the shooting while the hunt for the shooter, or multiple shooters, was still ongoing. The investigation into the incident has reportedly been taken over by the National Police after streets surrounding the scene were cordoned off.

Former BBC radio host beaten

The night before the shooting, another incident occurred, where a former BBC radio presenter and comedian, Jimmy Carol, 63, was badly beaten in a Benidorm bar.

Reportedly Carol was unconscious before he hit the floor of the bar.

The Sun reports that Carol did wake up briefly but was in a confused state.

Doctors thought it wise to place Carol into an induced coma before surgery was performed to relieve swelling and pressure on his brain. He was then moved to the Alicante Hospital, where doctors have warned his son, James, that a CT scan has revealed that his father’s condition was worsening and that he could die. His son is flying from Brazil to be with his father.

Is it still safe to visit Benidorm?

As noted by the Liverpool Echo, the British Foreign Office has not updated their travel advice for the country. Their advice reads that more than 12 million British nationals visit Spain each year and that mostly these visits are free of any trouble.

The warnings do still relate to the several deaths that have resulted from British tourists falling from their apartment or hotel balconies. People are warned not to take unnecessary risks while on holiday, particularly if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Tourists are advised that in the event of terrorist attacks, or incidents like the shooting on Wednesday night, that Spanish authorities do make every effort to protect visitors. However, visitors are warned to always be vigilant and to follow the instructions of police.