The Smartphone giants are looking to take a big step forward in the near future.#AppleIphone7 and #SamsungGalaxyS8 are two of the top smartphones in the most anticipated range in the near future. The newiPhone will be the first of the two to debut. In its presentation, according to the latest rumors that leaked from the web, it should take place during the month of September. It would seem to be the most suitable day on September 7, while in the stores there are rumors that the device may be released on 23 September.

In the past few hours, there has been a lot of noise about the appearance on the web of AppleChip A10 spy imagesthat will be used in the new 'iPhone', providing much higher performance than the previous model.

The images have appearedon Chinese social network Weibo and theuser who posted them appeared to be truthful. He especially looks at the code that appears on the labeling that appears to be consistent with the new device of the multinational Cupertino production company.

News about the new Samsung Galaxy S8

As for the new#Samsung Galaxy S8, it will most likely be presented in late February 2017 at theMobile World Congress in Barcelona. It is sure that a smartphone at the highest level, which at the time of its landing on the market as well as reporting to industry experts, will not struggle to establish itself as the main leader of its class. This device is said to be made of only the Edge version although, from this point of view, much will depend on the commercial success of the new #SamsungGalaxy Note 7.

What will be advanced in Samsung's new idea?

This new smartphone, in all probability, will be equipped with a4K resolution screen, which could favor the onset of virtual reality in the world of smartphones. As for the processor, it is rumored that this may be the Exynos 8895 which will boast outstanding features such as the ability to achieve an output of 4 GHz. We will see in the coming weeks as more news comes in about these two devices.