Business News Daily claims that San Jose, New York, Washington, and Austin are most suitablefor job seekers. Without any doubt, the growing technology communities have opened the doors of endless job opportunities for fresh and experienced graduates. It means when you have completed your studies, you can instantly apply for an employment at a multinational firm. However, it is vital that your credentials match their minimum requirements. Let us take a look at the roundup of best US cities where the multinational companies have welcomed applications for numerous jobs.

San Jose, California

San Jose, California has 61,038 job openings. On an average, you can earn $112,000 from a tech job. By population, San Jose is one of the largest cities in the United States. By the 1990s, this city became the home to world’s most famous tech companies. As a result, it has earned the nickname of "Capital of Silicon Valley". This city is also known for its modern lifestyle and exotic tourist attractions.

Seattle, Washington

Currently, Seattle has about 100,124 job openings, Business News Daily views. From an average level employment, you can earn $85,000. Seattle is one of the largest cities in Washington and North America. As of July 2013, thousands of young candidates came to this city from all parts of the world for finding the right employment.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the top American cities where the fresh graduates can find a suitable jobquickly. Currently, there are over 121,500 job openings in San Francisco, Business News Daily says. This city is said to be the commercial and financial center of the US. San Francisco is one of the four most populated Californian cities, and the hub of business centers.

Herefinding a job is quite easy. You just need to have a first class degree. If you are experienced, you can earn up to $233,100.

Boston, Massachusetts

The number of available jobs in Boston is over 120,498. A fresh graduate can earn up to $67,500 from an advanced level job. Boston’s companies give preference to experienced candidates, but you can still try your luck in this Massachusetts city.