Analysts on Wall Street are cautious about the demand that the most sold Apple product - -the iPhone will have next September. They consider the sales of the iPhone from the very first time it´s bought by a consumer to the time it´s upgraded by the user will determine the price of its stock on the market. While some analysts think the demand will be strong, others predict it as weak and some others think it will be flat. They point out that the iPhone upgrading rate has lowered from 24 to 28 months and that this could increase to three years.

Apple stock

Some experts see the recent decline in Apple stock as a good time to buy, not without taking into consideration that the time lapse between new models being introduced can be bad for the stock. While the lows are common at the end of an iPhone cycle, some experts think that Apple´s value will remain stableand that the release of the iPhone 7 will turn the assets of Apple positive for the next second quarter of the fiscal year.

Other analysts agree that Apple shares are still a good long term investment. They still see a consistent growth in sales of the present iPhone model, which is more than two years old. They think that the next release -- the iPhone 7 may be an enhanced device, producing the sales that upgraded models bring.

They also foresee that the consumer will still be looking at an iPhone 7 with similar characteristics of the iPhone 6 -- with a super cycle in sales for the year 2017.

Finance report

While Apple shares are trading at $96 right now on the stock exchange, three analysts predict share prices of $115, $125, and $185 for the next year, respectively.

The combined prediction of 42 analysts give a total average of $123.13, which represents 28% return over the year 2017.

Apple is the most profitable company in the world and the largest in the stock market. It became the first US Company to have a value of $700 billion US dollars. It manufactures and sells electronics, computers, software and online services.

Some of its products include smartphones, including the iPhone, iPad, IPod, iMac, smart watch and Apple TV. Its software products include the iOS operating system and other upgrades of the system. IOS App Store, iTunes, and Mac App Store are some of its online services.