Globalization intensifies, more every day, the competition in almost every sector of the economy. Regardless of the field, there is no commercial company that does not have at least half a dozen competitors trying to take you to the market.

Also, no use thinking that the solution is to always have new and competitive prices. Consumers like them yes, but also want quality, term of payment, warranties, product availability, after-sales, first call etc. And it is precisely on this scenario comes the big challenge for organizations that want to succeed: to sell their products and services with satisfactory profit.

Does anyone remember how were the first computers arrived in stores? And the memory capacity of them? Insignificant, 64mb. What about the first cellular devices? Do you remember how much they were costing? For those who do not remember, around US $ 4000. Remembers the first dialed access the Internet? Unimaginable slowness nowadays, is it not?

But it is misleading to think that was only the equipment and services that have evolved enormously. Sales and marketing techniques had to follow all these developments. Companies that did not realize it was or will by the way. The truth is that the old little sales techniques can be used to sell today.

In this digital age we live in, social media and other marketing tools are web-based.

Hence, the first change in the lives of sales professionals: master the available technological resources and modern concepts of doing business, such as the B2B.

But you can not say that the old concepts were eliminated. They still exist, however, with new approaches. The sales consultant updated and connected to consumer needs - these new times - can achieve great success if it is able to act with mastery on at least four fronts:


Improve on the telephone approach. You must be prepared to meet and delight the customer in two minutes. We live in an era where people are impatient with regard to time. It seems that, to meet, almost everything has to be fast. To meet the customer on the phone, if you ask him to wait while referring to the price on the computer and then request more time to check the availability of stock, it will probably find the slow service, even if the two queries have not exceeded 30 seconds;


Find a direct channel with the customer. Eliminate intermediaries. Speaking directly with the customer their chances of success increase greatly. Provided of course, that you are well prepared to deal with it;

3. Refer to the online resources. Knowing how to use masterfully email, torpedo and sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and others can give you important competitive advantage and ensure many additional sales;

4. Be careful not to confuse persistence with boredom. You need to know that their role is facilitator of the buying process and not an inconvenience seller. Hence the importance of customizing each approach, alternating between voicemail, email, and call torpedo. By doing so, your chances of adding value with useful information will be increasingly larger and your chances of selling and win the client as well.

Finally, we must not forget the adage known: We are what we do. But we are mainly, what we do to change, who we are ?.

Think about it and great week.