The increased use of devices to access the Internet makes companies and professionals in the digital industry seek to reach a larger number of customers. However amount of clicks / access does not always mean conversion / sale. One of the main advantages of using online marketing is the ability to focus investment on your target audience, thus optimizing investments in marketing your brand.

Here 5 basic care when performing online marketing:

1 - Relevant Content

Your audience demands content. And Relevant Content facing the activity of your business.

Always very careful when using slang. Join well as other subjects of interest of your client. Take quality content. Give usability tips of your product / service. Show to your customer the practical benefits that you can offer to your client's life.

2 - Always Follow The Promised

It may seem simple, but unfortunately many still believe that announcing more than they can accomplish will captivate your customer. There is no ignorance in the online world. Keep in mind that your customer will not buy on impulse because of their email marketing flashy or revolutionary miracle product without performing a search before. It is suggested caution in making their offerings.

3 - Invest In Keywords And Social Networks

The best investments in 2016 in online marketing are certainly on the purchase of keywords directly related to the desires of your target audience and generating content on social networks.

Here comes a reminder: not always the participation in all social networks is the most productive for your business. A marketing analysis to focus your investment directly in possibly more profitable social networking is necessary.

4 - AuthenticityUnique content.

Be honest. Humanize your business. Do not make your posts and your content something mechanized.

You can always improve the relationship with your customer.

5 - Increase Your Investment Agreement With The Return (ROI)

Start your investment in a moderate way, analyzing the results and returning to where your investment is having a better return. Large investments do not always mean better results.