Companies of different sizes - including micro-enterprises - that operate in different segments are convinced that Social media is a great way to establish rapport with your audience and therefore are a presence on these platforms.

These tools are here to stay, so that American companies increasingly believe in their efficiency and this year will increase by 63% the budget for actions in social media, according to a study by Marketing Sherpa developed.

Independent tool (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ...), companies should be aware that they are communicating with people and building the corporate image of your business.

Relationship and respect are essential in this environment. Thus, the following labels rules define the first steps for companies starting their social media presence:

First, listen. This rule is "gold." Discover influencers in your industry, understand what the public says about your business and its competitors. With this you will know whom should strengthen relationships;Just walk. Choose a social media interest or a blog. Read the stories. Choose one that you enjoyed and make a brief interaction.

Start with careful conversations;

Make friends.

Making friends in the online environment is easier than out of it, but you must be careful. Identify a trendsetter and try a conversation by email. Repay entering the blog link it to your website or in your blogroll;

Be authentic and transparent.

Digital public relations, it must be honest. Show who you are, do not hide behind e-mails generic. Make a presentation with links to prove your identity and get to the point. If you need a blogger make the analysis of a product, talk to him about it before sending the product thus avoid a delicate situation;

Do not be another spammer.

Avoid replicate the same content to different social media. Each platform has a public profile, forms of interaction and different approaches. Make a study plan and find the appropriate format for each social media. Avoid sending emails generic, such as "hello, webmaster ...". A spammer is seen as something terrifying, desperate and inopportune.

Do you want to create this association with your brand?

Display labels rules do not require large investments and are an appropriate way to micro and small businesses can follow to start their network presence. However, it is essential to develop a pre-planning and make the management of social media, the way in which it manages any action of marketing and communication.