The economy of each country. Even when exercised individually, it determines a chain reaction where all end up benefiting.

There are numerous areas in which we operate so structured the Work in accordance with the other aspects of our lives. Nothing is isolated. Everything is interconnected.

Scholars distinguish three forms of guidance in the work, and, somehow, each of us fits them:




Experts say that when the work is considered a task, the person confined to fulfill exactly what is proposed. That, when met, will result in payment at the end of the month.

There is not the slightest ambition for a greater reward. What matters in this case is to get the money to support his family and comply with the commitments. If payment does not occur, the person simply walks away, suspending it running.

When work is seen as a career, the person makes a considerable personal investment.

Personal fulfillment in this case also involves the money, but there is a motivating factor is the professional progress. The focus is on the possible promotions and salary increases. The prestige and power entice interested in building a career.

From the moment that promotions cease - was reached at the highest level - begins slowly alienation, and with it, the lack of meaning to continue.

When one considers the work a vocation, we are faced with someone who is passionate about what he does. The connotation is broad. The work becomes a contribution to the greater good, for something bigger than solely the money later this month or the promotion and prestige.

Well, before these ratings is inevitable comparison with our professional time.

Do our job is a job, a career or a vocation?

I admire people who can turn a modest job in a great vocation. They are contributing to the new direction of the economy, which is slowly changing from a cash economy to an economy of satisfaction. Obviously this trend increases in proportion as it increases labor supply. When missing work, personal satisfaction is impaired ..

I see by my comments that the currency, for many people, is the satisfaction with life. Although she is hardly in the exercise of tasks and sometimes even in financial promotions. Generally, that currency is highly disputed among the lucky ones who glide smoothly on what they consider a vocation. Undoubtedly, the vocation is the most satisfying way to work. For this reason, I suggest to all those who daily ask yourself:

- What can I do ?

Surely, the insistence that question will allow the advance of indignation. And as the anger grows, we obliged ourselves to change. Maybe then we will want to leave the abiding condition of tasks and a career person, for a human being with a vocation for happiness.