It is very common to find companies today, and see if that does not happen in yours, that every time you open a position in the company, go around hiring the cousin of a friend (or something similar) only to then plug the "hole" .

This lack of care in hiring generates high costs for the company because of the high turnover - legal costs, wage costs thrown away without actually professional has added something to the company. Besides the cost of missed opportunities: every time we recruit and train a new salesperson, sales may be lost because the seller does not understand how things Work.

There are several techniques to increase the form of hiring your vendors. In this article, we'll focus on the right of the recruitment process, so that you can follow step by step on your next hiring process, increasing your chances of actually attract, identify and recruit talented salespeople.

Step 1: Identify if indeed there is a vacancy. Hiring a person to perform those services you need? Or they may be aggregated in the work of other employees?

It is very important to make sure that you really need to hire someone, but end up losing money and time!

Step 2: identify the ideal profile to fill the vacancy. There are two ways to put personal and professional characteristics you believe that a successful salesperson should have or put features that your current best seller is.

If you find someone with a similar profile with its best-selling, your chances of getting another increase!

Now put exactly what you expect of that candidate and keep this information in mind throughout the engagement. Also describe what features are not desirable. Dont be put off by people "cutesy" or "friendly" (some people sell themselves and then contracted not sell anything).

Remember that you need to recruit the best professionals.

Step 3: Make the description of the position. That work the seller will have to accomplish? It is necessary for the professional traveling? Who has his own car? Place the inherent job requirements so that you can examine with the professional characteristics defined above.

Step 4: attract candidates. You have two ways to do this: spreading internally within the company or externally. Internally, you can give chance to people who work in other areas but which have the potential for sales. Or, the employees themselves will nominate candidates within their networks that might be interested in your job. Externally, you can place ads in newspapers or magazines, contact a recruitment agency, placing posters in specialized schools, universities and associations.

But particularly I think the best way is to always walk with your business card, and to find a talent (whether in the restaurant, at the fair, at the mall), give the card and invite your organization. Over time there is a flow of constant potential ligand candidates. After sufficient training them.