Few organizations have managers or group of people innovating and revolutionizing the process. The relentless pursuit of results and the pressure for answers takes us looking for tried and tested ways.

The business world has always been strongly influenced by the techniques of the moment, which has a negative note the neglect of the implemented processes and positive reflection on new possibilities.

There is not the best way, but one to which we adapt and that allows us to maximize performance and results.

It would be like asking an athlete of our national football team, what better way to kick a ball.

Certainly one that hits the goal and beats the goalkeeper.

With so many possibilities, which the gunner should use?

No doubt that it best fits, albeit of "nozzle", after all what is the point? Making the goal, right? No use refine the process and not get results.

Management is the same.

The techniques usually reach our widely tested and approved undertakings, but not always got success in its implementation.

Gather your managers, provide them some technique and ask opinions. Reap some criticism, but generally hear praise and approval.

Pass to the second stage: implementation in the company. From that point begin the difficulties.

By observing the raised barriers, you'll ask yourself: - How can differ both in development and deployment, when there was full agreement on the evaluation of concepts?

There is an interesting question when we deal with performance: punctuality.

The word could be a synonym, accuracy, for example.

Whatever the technique, to generate results need study, planning, scheduling and control. All steps need to be addressed with rigor.

Where there are the greatest difficulties? In the operation.

Not exactly in the execution, but in every moment that an action becomes necessary.

In a planning meeting, the difficulties may begin already at the times and place when people disagree.

Debating resource needs, barriers can be raised, preventing the evolution of the process.

Attentive, we realize that the idea has full acceptance and convergence of views, the divergence is on the purposes and interests.

This is also a factor that leads to abandonment of projects although implanted with apparent success, for the divergences lead to emptying and disinterest.

Strong leadership leads the team to engage and meet all the steps in the planning process, planning and implementation, but after some time without this ahead quickly jobs are affected.

There are many examples in this regard, it is noted that the agreement with the concepts is not enough to ensure continuity in the implementation.

The reasons for personal differences are numerous, and these have to be addressed at all stages, before we get to the actual time of execution.

The success of any project is directly linked to the commitment to comply with the planning and programming.

Failure to comply, the lack of timeliness and accuracy, for personal reasons is sabotage. This is unacceptable in any organization.

When personal differences are impossible to be solved is better not to participate.

Therefore, it is important to understand that the company must be greater than their managers. It is the only way to harmonize the administrative process and develop projects successfully.