To conquer and surprise customers, ideally we treat them as people and not as consumers. How? It's simple. Through the newest and most efficient today's marketing tools. What are they?

1st Email Marketing

It is a emal sent with the sender's authorization; and such authorization is achieved through a capture page with 1 explanatory video and a registration form. After getting this email; start a relationship with these contacts often sending relevant and quality content for them, is an ebook or important information and interest of your contact. Use a good Auto Reply and send personalized messages; nothing of propaganda; write as if writing to a friend.

Using an Auto Responder; you can automatically send personalized messages; regardless of the size of your list; whether 10 or 10,000 emails. We must treat every customer and each and every prospective customer by name. You have to earn your trust.After this happens, their sales opportunities are much greater than their concorentes only send an advertisement after another; or most often not disclose anything any way.

2nd Torpedo SMS

The Torpedo SMS is a powerful marketing tool and a great return. Your open rate reaches 98% and the return depending on supply may reach 25%. There is no other media as efficient and as accurate statistics. When you hear the sound of the message; 75% of people open the message instantly, and 36% of people who buy, say they only bought because of the torpedo.

Currently I serve for an automotive company, I respect the anniversary date of all clients; for which sending happy birthday votes and sign with the name of the owner and the company. The effect is impressive. This is loyalty and customer appreciation; are simple and cheap attitudes, more than a lot of value. Your customers seeking a more humanized care.

What you have done?

How has surprised and conquered your customers?

No more complaining that are not selling anything, everything is stopped; is that way because you are too.Have already an attitude.

I wish much success in your business!