The society we live in tends to adhere and even accentuate the negative side of certain words and, to top it off, often ignoring the good in them. The result is that we suffer unnecessarily and often deprive us from living happy moments.

See, for example, the alarm word. If we search the dictionary find something like, "derived from all'arme Italian, means the cry to arms or rebate. Signal to give warning of any danger, confusion, commotion or riot. Term to indicate fright, shock, restlessness ... "Now, if you are on the twentieth floor of the building and the fire alarm rings what happens?

Chances are you will be very scared and seek the nearest exit.

If you are on a cruise in the Atlantic and during dinner the alarm sounds until you become aware of the real situation probably will be very upset and will not want to enjoy the menu. Imagine walking down the sidewalk and hear the alarm from the bank across the street. What would you do? Most likely seek a safe place to better assess the situation. The last thing would want is to become a victim, not fact?

Hence, what is recorded in your mind is that the alarm sound means danger. So let's imagine that you have to wake up early every day and is the type who has difficulty getting out of bed. What will you do to avoid the risk of sleep over the limit?

Probably place the alarm clock to wake you up. Hence, when the scheduled time what will happen? The alarm will sound and without you being aware, awake agitated, tense, worried, as if something bad were to happen, after all, his mind registered fear, anxiety or apprehension at the sound of the alarm.

However, the alarm clock is a good sign for you because it means you have something important to realize, for example, go to Work, school, exercise or a lot of cool stuff.

In fact, the day dawns gives you the chance to ask him what he wants. But it is in this spirit of optimism that you feel when you hear the alarm clock in the morning? Bet, in most instances, no.

What then do to reverse the situation and see in the example, opportunity, success and happiness instead of fear, despair and disorder?

A good tip is to change the alarm sound for a pleasant music to forward to peace and enthusiasm. Hence, you agree with the mind directed towards peace, well-being, achievement ...

The same occurs with other words, colors, symbols, smells, sounds, taste etc. Then I suggest you assimilate the good in situations and help the mind to build your success, as it was for John Kennedy: ". We must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them"

Think about it and great week.