Some people by winning their titles in their businesses - because every business needs of managers and administrators - believe to be leaders. They send and desmandam. Charge, press and want results, but not by far are inspiring and passionate about the most important thing in any business: people.

Read below 7 features that characterize great leaders and ask yourself if you are an inspiring leader or just a bossy.

1. Leaders express inexorable positivity

Leaders who are leaders have the ability to find the good side even in the most embarrassing and problematic situations.

There is an awareness in them that doom and gloom do not take anyone anything. They are like beacons in a sea of ​​insecurity, challenges and failures.

It is obvious that problems will happen - and give thanks for them! You would not be without problems. Their experience and their skills would be irrelevant without its struggles. And if you want to be a truly inspirational leader is always positive, always seek out the good side of things.

2. I am grateful for his team

There is nothing more frustrating for a team than to see their efforts ignored. Leaders who do not show appreciation for their staff are jeopardizing your business. Others are less inspired and therefore less productive - and are the small gestures of the day that inspire and make them get up early to Work with your business.

Even quick praise or phrases such as "this would not have happened without you," has an amazing power. Take the test!

3. Leaders have a clear vision of the future

To inspire you must be sure of what you want the future, what are you planning to achieve. That thought, in fact, the awareness of this thought, you will not lose track of goals.

4. Leaders hear

Listening is not the same thing than listening. Hear inspirational leaders with real friends, employees and partners. They also believe in every word that is said to demonstrate and make clear that they are really listening.

Such a thing makes room for better feedback and relationships with the team translating into a simple gesture that every team member is important and it is necessary for the missions are met.

5. Leaders have impeccable communication

Basic rule: if a leader communicates can not be understood there is no progress. Leaders are clear and learn to speak at the right time and at the right time. And they also worry about how your team will absorb such information. Leaders know how to take the right amount of time with the information and instructions that need to be passed and is aware that everyone on board is ready to move on.

6. Leaders are reliable

Customers and employees are much more susceptible to abandon ship when the priority of a 'leader' is success, even at the cost of the staff welfare. Leaders know that the greatest resource is the people and they like to look after them. When employees are proud of your leadership and your organization the inspiration follows close behind.

7. Leaders are passionate

Enthusiasm for the organization's mission is key to being an inspirational leader. All work becomes a meaningless task when done by someone who is blasé about everything. If you do not know what makes you develop such work you can not expect that of its employees. Keep alive the memory for you and your team on the bed and takes on what makes you so fond of doing.