Learn how to create an online store and give wings to your entrepreneurial spirit. The crisis is over? Or not really? How about start making some products at home and open your own shop? Has increased costs and can make you the next big highlight English! You can produce craft beer, you can create jewelry or clothing, can ... do what you want and what you like most!

There are several issues that arise when you want to create an online store:

  • You need to create a logo? What colors should I use? You need to hire a designer for this?
  • I need to know how to program?How do you do advertising? And how do I get customers?
  • What price should I give my products?What payment methods should I provide?

The list is long!

So let's try to explain to you, in a very simple way, how to create an online store without major headaches.

The first advice I have for you is not to be "nitpicking" and not be stopped because of mere details.We can not be us to tell you the most suitable price for their products and how to build the influence of your brand. The important thing here is that you fully aware of the prices that are charged in the domestic market and production costs. People have the notion that craft products turn out to be a little more expensive but are also customizable, so use this to your advantage!

The experience gained up over time. There are many sellers and producers who already regretted some decisions that were taking lifelong.

Part wrong! And part understand why it went wrong and improve! Also because the audience changes and how to approach the market must also change.

Look create your own logo to identify their products. They will help you create a brand identity that will distinguish it from all other creators. And try to choose the right colors, since nothing should be left to chance.


Register your domain and create your online store, there are several services for this purpose. These services now offer a number of predefined themes and let you create a website where you can showcase your products to the world. It is much easier than it looks and does not require major design knowledge.

What about the payment method?

This now depends on you and your target audience. You can use the famous PayPal service that offers a service "buyer protection" or you can also opt for simple bank transfer. The use of credit card is also common practice in online shopping. Never forget is spending bill!