Do you know what bothers and discourages an entrepreneur to stop investing in the Internet? It's the fact investing in something thinking that the return is right, and after spending a considerable money to see that the return did not come. That's why today I decided to post 5 tips that could help you promote your company, your products and services on the Internet.

1 - Do not take it as an expense but an investment

Stop this habit of saying "Aff'll have to spend again with that," all you are investing is something for your own company. Just imagine, you have a great product to sell, but only your customers know that you are selling, so if you tell them you're selling this such a product.

No one else knows what you are selling, who never bought anything from you just do not know what you're selling, that's too bad. It's like if you do not believe what you have on hand, and how could benefit others, and I know that you believe in their potential but the world mustknow that they need to be told that you have something that can benefit to them.

It is worth investing for your company to be known, be sure of that.

2 - Make a plan first of all

Before starting any type of disclosure is necessary to have a plan for your company. Define what you want to sell what the public would like to achieve and what the approximateinvestment would like to do. This will avoid scares at the end, because clearly you are aware of how much invested and how much you can invest.

It is very important to hire a company that specializes in internet marketing to make a consultancy that type investment fit best for your company, with each segment varies depending on what tool that fits best for your business.

Know who can help you!

3 - Have a dynamic website

Ready!! Now that you have decided to invest in its business and has already made a plan, now comes the next step, having a website, preferably a dynamic website.

Find a responsible web designer, checks his portfolio, it is capricious, transmitted willingness to work, why this branch is really very complicated. Avoid making site with that "Nephew" is starting now because will not legal. Ask the professional to do a site with sharing with social networks, with site layout forsmartphone (mobile) and other tools that facilitate the visualization and communication with your future customers.

4 - Make a Blog

After the site is ready, you can not leave it in the air only, it is necessary to create conditions so that the Internet reaches your site. This is where the blog comes in. The Blog is to post news, tips, information, description and everything a future potential customer is interested in your content. Ex: Suppose I have astore of male and female clothing. Certainly I will use my blog to post news about fashion, tips of what to wear in every season of the year, which trends of the year, and finally put the link of my site or online store so that the Internet come into my site and possibly perform the purchase.

What also makes a Blog help in spreading the Internet, is that the posts have a great relevancy score on Google, you know that?

Ie, the user might not even find your site, but you can findthe blog post and when you enter the Blog inevitably find on your site. Very good so right !!

5 - Promote your product, site and blog on social networks

If you have a Facebook account (of course you have), Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others, it's time for you to share your site and content of the Blog. Start spreading to your friends, and ask them to share, for sure they will help you.