Hi there,

Today, we are introducing a new feature in relation to tagging your articles.We listened to your feedback and improved the tags accordingly, in order to guarantee a better user experience for you.

What is going to change:

You can continue to insert the suggested tag by Blasting News in your article. Alternatively, you can apply any tags that you want to your articles.The tags suggested by Blasting News will be linked to a specific tag page on our website as usual. When you apply a new tag, it will be inserted as a keyword but, it will not link to any Blasting News tagged page.

Blasting News can decide to create a new tag page based on your tag. If your tag starts to become relevant on our platform, your tag can then be linked to a new Blasting News tagged page.When possible, we automatically insert the tag into the body of the article, otherwise you will find it at the end of your article.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any doubts or questions,


Staff - Blasting News