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As stated in the contract you signed when joining Blasting News, our platform is NOT a means of promoting commercial content and doing so is against our policies. Any type of promotional and/or advertorial content is against Blasting News’ standards. Consequently, this content will not be published.

The Editorial Staff is reviewing all written work that falls under the above-mentioned category:

-If considered promotional, during the next hours you’ll be asked to modify your content in order to make it adherent to the policies.

-If you fail to modify your content, it will be unpublished.

Reviews of products and other services are allowed only if they are genuinely a news and if they provide relevant information for the readers (e.g. comparisons with other similar products/services available on the market, enriching the point of view with actual market data). The main objective is to inform the reader, not to promote any kind of company, product or service.

For further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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