A story of growth: month after month, Blasting News (www.blastingnews.com) gathers pace as a global social phenomenon.

Launched in Italy in 2013, where it quickly became one of the biggest digital native newspapers, Blasting News has reached great momentum in Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Brazil, with each country reaching or exceeding one million visitors per month. This viral reach is exciting for those who love freedom of speech and independent news: 20+ millions unique monthly visitors in May. The signature of a Revolution.

Blasting News is a fully independent, global technology platform, which connects reporters, content and audience in a professional magazine powered by hundreds of thousands of people.

It is present in 34 countries, with content in 24 languages.

This remarkable growth has been achieved thanks to a unique business model: Blasting News is disrupting the traditional media landscape by allowing anyone to become a reporter and be paid for their content. Blasters are rewarded using a truly meritocratic system: the more their articles are read, the more they are paid. Quality is taken very seriously: Blasting News does not publish every submission - each article is checked by algorithms and approved or rejected by senior contributors to assure the highest level of quality. This growth has been achieved with no marketing cost, since a large volume of traffic comes from Social media sharing by Blasting News users and search engines.

Blasting News is not a traditional media organisation, but a technological institution which fuses technology with crowdsourcing to create a unique global magazine and to give access to what people around the world really care about.

Andrea Manfredi, founder of Blasting News, said: "I believe a key reason we've grown so fast is that the news content on Blasting News gives a unique window into what people are truly interested in and passionate about.

Unlike traditional media organisations, we don't tell people what they should care about, but use state of the art technology to curate a high quality magazine created by the people for the people. This huge milestone shows that there is strong global appetite for Blasting News and we're excited to take this new journalism model to more people around the world."

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