Birmingham has on Thursday seen the opening of a new Legoland Discovery Centre, which reportedly cost £7 million. However, Yvonne Radcliff, 74, who is a big Lego fan, was turned away from the new attraction because she had no children with her. She couldn’t believe her day out had been ruined after the staff member told her adults could not enter the attraction without being accompanied by a child.

As reported by the Metro, Radcliff, of Hall Green in Birmingham, said she couldn’t believe she was turned away and that she was “devastated” by the incident.

She is a big Lego fan and that she is fascinated by it. After watching various documentaries about the attraction on TV, she saw that a Legoland was opening locally.

Day out to Legoland ruined

Yvonne told her daughter that she felt like a day out and really wanted to see Legoland. She caught the train to Snow Hill, walking the rest of the way to the Legoland Discovery Centre. Once she arrived she was told that there was no entry without a child. Reportedly this is even clearly stated on Legoland’s website, which Radcliff hadn’t visited.

Seeing a family walking in ahead of her, Yvonne asked the girl if she could go with them, but was told that no, she was a stranger.

Radcliff said you would think they would take pity on a pensioner, especially as the children were still not on holiday yet. She said she was very disappointed and had to turn around to head for home.

Ironically the BBC reports that adults are welcome at the new Legoland Discovery Centre on special adult-only evening events.

Metro reports that one is to be held on July 11 between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM, but that doesn’t help Yvonne.

Legoland statement released

After the story hit the media, Legoland released a statement about their refusal to allow an adult to enter alone. The spokesman said that their venues are not theme parks, but are small attractions designed and conceived from the perspective of children, which provide fun and safe environments for visiting families with children aged from three to 10 years.

For this reason, Legoland centres do not allow entry for adult couples, lone adults or groups of adults who are not accompanied by young children. They stated that this is their policy worldwide. However, they did note that they recognize that Lego bricks appeal to all ages and abilities and for this reason, they will be holding adult-only evenings at each centre, including Miniland.