A Herefordshire man is cycling to Amsterdam to raise money for charity to help defeat prostate cancer.

Semi-retired Fleet Street photographer Herbie Knott, 68, from Weobley, is participating in a 145-pedal pilgrimage to the Dutch capital on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK on June 9th-10th as part of a Football to Amsterdam event organised every year for charity.

Football to Amsterdam has raised £400,000 altogether from all of its volunteers.

However, Mr. Knott has individually raised £1,725.02, exceeding his personal target of £1,000.

'Prostate cancer is an aggressive disease'

Speaking exclusively to Blasting News, Mr. Knott said: 'There is a very heavy collection box in Herefordshire, which raises quite a bit of money, almost as high as £2,000.

'3 friends of mine, who were a similar sort of age to me, had prostate cancer. Loads of other people in the UK have the same problem. It is a massive killer.

'I would advise anyone who has not done so yet to go and see your local GP immediately. Prostate cancer is a very aggressive disease, especially if you are young.

'The two people that I knew were in their 50s when they died from the illness.'

The Fleet Street photographer will be cycling from the 2012 Olympic Stadium in East London to the Dutch city with 400 other people who are participating in the event.

According to Mr. Knott, most of them will be football supporters, but the AFC Wimbledon Team will also be joining them.

They will be travelling 142 miles during those 2 days they are cycling.

'He has travelled 7,000 miles and spent 650 hours practising'

The Weobley resident said he started cycling four years ago at the age of 64, determined to do something about prostate cancer after what happened to his two friends.

Since he started cycling, he has travelled 7,000 miles and spent 650 hours practising.

He added: 'Since I started, I have been chased by dogs for day- Jack Russells, Collies, you name it. Even a flock of geese tried to stop me once

'Despite all of that, it has been totally worth it. This is a great cause.'

'Who is Herbie Knott?'

Herbie Knott has worked for Fleet Street for most of his life, but has recently specialised in landscape since moving to Herefordshire.

Some of the projects he has worked on include The Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

He has also specialised in lighting, helping to light The Eden Project.

Another major client of his in the past has been Rex Features.

Mr. Knott's specialist subjects include aerial photography, horticulture and gardening. He produces his own gardening column for his local magazine.

He is also a Conservative activist and has been campaigning for the current Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Worcester and Brexit minister, Robin Walker, since the 2010 General Election.

If you wish to make a donation, his fundraising page can be found here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/herbieknott.