Kratu, the Carpathian-Mioritic mix dog was performing at the recent Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham. The adorable rescue dog entertained the audience and announcer by doing his own thing in an obstacle course race.

Everyone was in fits of laughter as Kratu completely ignored his owner, Tessa Eagle Swan, who had rescued the cute mutt from a precarious situation in Romania when he was a small puppy. Cute as a button, Kratu has managed to steal the Crufts Dog Show for two years in a row but went home with no prizes.

Rescue dog steals the show

In the video below, Kratu can be seen performing in the rescue dog agility display at Crufts, taking his time and generally doing his own thing while ignoring Swan’s instructions.

As he did last year, he took a meandering journey through the obstacle course, frustrating Swan no end.

In an interview with Crufts, Swan explained that Kratu is a teenager who has been incredibly hard to train. She says he is stubborn and is determined to only do as he wants. However, she did say that Kratu makes her laugh with his funny antics, as he loves performing tricks, which he does all the time.

Swan told Crufts that Kratu was rescued with his two sisters in Romania, both of which are also in their own fur-ever home in the UK. When Kratu finally arrived in the UK, they bonded instantly. Tessa added that Kratu is a natural clown, which makes his performance all that much more fun and interesting.

If he doesn’t want to do something, he doesn’t do it, but he does love to please her sometimes. As a “big character,” Kratu will always try to do whatever he wants, rather than whatever she wants him to do. She added that he is “quite determined” and “challenging.”

As noted from the lyrics from a popular Fleetwood Mac song, “You can go your own way.

Go your own way.”

Kratu loses to a Papillon

The winner of the obstacle course race was Gabby, a tiny Papillon, who also zoomed through the obstacle course last month at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. As noted by Today, Gabby zigged and zagged rapidly through the course, almost giving the audience whiplash!

As can be seen from the tweet above, Crufts was more than happy to have Kratu back and while the rescue dog from Woodgreen didn’t receive any prizes for his slow and funny approach to the obstacle course, he did receive a standing ovation from the audience as he left the course. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed his steady and slow take on the obstacles, doing what he does best – going wherever he wants and doing whatever he wishes!