Ukraine, Babai: In the village of Babai, a girl's body was discovered among the remnants of what appeared to be a satanic ritual. When she was found, the 15-year-old who went missing on the way to college had blood smeared on her face. There were also two cockerels with their heads chopped off at the scene. Reported originally in the local media, The Mirror and the Daily Mail UK picked up on the tragic News.

Schoolgirl in Ukraine strangled to death

Alisa Onyshchuk took a shortcut through some woods to the train station, when she went to college. The attractive young woman usually caught the train to her college in the city of Kharkiv in the region of Kharkiv Oblast.

After leaving home, her mother later followed the same path through the woods and came across a shoe that she recognised as her daughter's. Contacting the college showed that nobody had seen the teen that day.

A search carried out in the woods later revealed the body of the girl. Her body was mutilated and "The corpse was found in the woods near a clearing," a volunteer searcher said. They added that "it was surrounded by satanic symbols drawn on the ground."

Forensic examination establishes satanic ritual victim raped

Viktoria Zinovyeva, a police spokesperson noted that a forensic examination established that she had been raped and strangled. Police are now on the lookout for information about a strange man seen near the station before her disappearance.

It's hoped he can assist with their investigations into the death.

The Satanic Church of Ukraine

Ukraine has a number of satanic cults and the first Church of Satan surfaced in 2014 following the Soviet era.

The community of the devil worshippers is called Bozhichi according to noted the people of Ukraine were outraged at the application for registration as a church. "The sectarian association of deputies "For spirituality, morality and health of Ukraine" addressed the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov to "intervene in this situation and protect the Christian values." However, that does not mean the Bozhichi carried out the ritual killing.

There are other satanic cults that the Bozhichi decry as not the real deal.

Satanism is alleged to have infiltrated high places in Ukraine. Sadly, a young schoolgirl has lost her life due to alleged satanic rituals. There's a brokenhearted mother left behind in the village of Babai living with the knowledge that her beautiful daughter suffered before she died.