An earthquake struck the Indonesian Island of Lombok at 6:46 PM (Local Time) on Sunday, (5 August). It was so powerful that it damaged buildings in Denpasar, Bali, which is 150 kilometers (93 miles) away. The epicentre of the magnitude 7.0 earthquake was on land and not in the ocean. It was18 kilometers (11 miles) from East Lombok. A week ago, another earthquake in the same area killed 16 people. Sunday's earthquake killed 91 people and numbers of dead are expected to rise. More than 200 people were injured. The Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics noted it was a shallow quake just 15km (9.3 miles) deep.

Earthquake in a popular tourist region

The earthquake happened in a popular tourist region, Business Insider noted. The area has beautiful beaches, great surf, and mountains for a dream holiday. The area is packed with tourists, but according to the Guardian, so far, the deaths were all Indonesian. Some famous people were in Bali, a good distance away and they included John Legend, his famous model wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their two children. Chrissy took to her twitter about the earthquake. First, she posted up, "Oh my God," and followed up with "Bali. Trembling. So Long." It seems the earthquake was really scary as she also noted that she felt the building moving.

The Independent reported that "Take That" singer "Garry Barlow was reportedly in Lombok," but is safe.

Tsunami warning was issued

The Independent noted that a tsunami warning was issued, but it was later lifted. Nevertheless, the terrifying incident left devastation behind in Lombok. Sutopo Purwo, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman, told a press conference there was "massive" damage in the north of Lombok.

Search and rescue is hampered by the power being out, bridges that collapsed and buildings strewn across streets.

Earthquake video footage emerges on Twitter

Video footage from both Bali and Lombok emerged on Twitter and it was severe. The one below shows people in Bali running from their rooms half dressed.

Photos posted show some of the building damage done in Bali by the quake from Lombok.

The Lombok earthquake was caught on camera during prayer time.

Tourists flee to the airport, some in pajamas and gowns

Tourists fled to the airport and some of them were wearing their pajamas and gowns. Someone of them got some first aid there. But the minds of people across the world are turning to the local Indonesians who suffered the brunt of the quake.

Tourists can hop on a plane and fly out, but for the Indonesians, there's a sad and difficult time ahead. The Indonesian air force arrived with planes early on Monday with supplies like food, medical equipment, drugs, and troops to help with the rescue effort.

The 7.0 earthquake in Lombok on Sunday will require aid in the form of tents, clean water, food and medical staff. On Twitter, people are already helping out by volunteering, and the Indonesian Red Cross is doing what they can to help the victims. Australia has also reached out to offer assistance to Indonesia, according to ABC News (Australia).