Colorado wife and mother, Shanann Watts, 34, was reported missing by a friend on Monday this week. She was the wife of Christopher Watts and mom to 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste. Shanann was also pregnant at the time of their disappearance. Husband Christopher told an ABC affiliate in Denver that he just wanted his wife and little children to come home. However, he was later arrested and media reports indicate the body of his wife was found on a property where he used to work. It's believed the bodies of the girls were also found nearby.

Christopher Watts acted like the victim when his pregnant wife disappeared

Christopher Watts acted as if he was some kind of victim when his wife was reported missing. The report did not come from him, but from one of Shanann's friends and colleagues. According to ABC News, she had dropped her off at home the night before, but never got the callback and meet up she was expecting. She notified the police and they did a wellness checkup. She was not found in the house. Later, Christopher spoke to "a local ABC affiliate in Denver," Buzzfeed reported. He said in the Denver 7 Facebook interview, "If somebody has her, please bring her. ... This house is not complete without anybody here. Please bring them back." He added that if his wife and kids were out there to please "come back."

He earlier admitted there had been some "emotional" conflict between the husband and wife, but would not elaborate on that.

He told reporters that he was "worried" when she was reported missing. It was like they disappeared into thin air. He elaborated on how hard it was to wait through the night for news.

Colorado woman's body found on a property where Watts once worked

CNN provided an update on Friday, August 17th, that said a body of a woman believed to be pregnant Shanann was found at a "petroleum and natural gas exploration company." Watts worked there but was no longer an employee.

Two children were also found nearby. KDVR captured Sergeant Ian Albert of the Frederick Police Department as saying, they "received a missing person call just before 2.00pm on Monday." After conducting some interviews with neighbors and others, they contacted the FBI to help with the case. Flyers were distributed through the community.

On Wednesday, Shannan's husband Chris Watts was "taken into custody."

Shanann's Facebook showed what appeared to be a happy family

Shanann was the type of mother who often posted on Facebook about what the family was up to. She sounded delighted to be expecting a baby boy. ABC 11 noted that she "posted a photo on June 19 of some texts with her husband after sending him a sonogram. He replied that he loved the baby already. She posted: "I love Chris! He's the best dad us girls could ask for."'

It now looks like the pleasant-faced, supposedly loving husband, may not have been what he appeared to be. While some outlets say he confessed to killing them, and others state he has been charged for their murders, it is not clear this has actually happened at the time of writing.

However, he is in police custody.

Twitter reacts to the loss of Shanann, her unborn baby and two little girls

People on Twitter are shocked and outraged at the loss of the little girls and a woman who seemed totally in love with her husband.

The Colorado case of the disappearance and murder of Shanann, wife and mother to two daughters and an unborn child will likely play out in court over the coming months. Stay tuned to Blasting Pop for updates on the story.