Chilling video footage was sent to Texas police after a woman rang a doorbell in Montgomery, just outside Houston, Texas recently. What made it scary was the fact that the woman was clad only in a white t-shirt, with no pants, no shoes and what looks like broken wrist restraints on her right wrist.

The woman had gone by the time the homeowner opened their front door, but police are concerned that the woman may be in danger. Meanwhile, eerily similar CCTV footage has also been released, captured recently in Toronto in Canada and Fresno, California.

Mystery woman rings doorbells in the dark of night

Most of us naughtier kids may remember playing “knock-knock” when we were young, where we knocked on neighbours’ doors, running away before the doors were opened. However, this latest case appears to be far more sinister than just kids playing the fool.

As reported by the Evening Standard, CCTV footage taken by a doorbell security camera in the Sunshine Ranch community of Montgomery, Texas, captured a woman ringing a doorbell at 3:20 a.m.

on Friday. As she approaches the door, she can be seen to be scantily dressed, wearing just a t-shirt and with what looks suspiciously like broken restraints on her wrist. After ringing the doorbell, she looks around nervously before leaving the scene.

Texas police are sharing the video in an attempt to identify the mystery woman, in case her life is at risk.

They consider this to be a “suspicious incident.” Police checked the missing person reports for the area without any success. Meanwhile, the unnamed homeowner said the same women rang other doorbells in the area, always disappearing before anyone reached their front door.

Similar incidents with women ringing doorbells

In the short video included below from Inside Edition, the latest incident in Montgomery, Texas can be watched, but this is not a lone incident.

Other similar footage, using the same type of doorbell security cameras, has recently been released.

One woman panics as she shakes the door of a home in Fresno, California past midnight recently, before hammering o a window and shouting “Let me in.” The owner of the home was a retired police officer and pulled out a gun, while also calling 911. She shouted at the woman that she would shoot, as she has a gun. That woman was cited for a vandalism misdemeanor.

Six days ago, another woman approached a door in Toronto, Canada, ringing the doorbell.

In the background, a car can be seen pulling up and someone getting out of the vehicle. No one came to the door and the video footage showed a man dragging the woman away by her hair, saying he was going to kill her. Police later found the woman, safe and sound.

What should you do if this happens to you?

Inside Edition interviewed a security consultant who said if this happens, go to the door with your mobile phone in your hand. If possible, look outside a window to get an idea of what is going on.

If the person really looks as though they are in distress, dial the emergency service. Stay safely inside and do not immediately open the door.

First of all, make sure you get an assessment of the woman and her body language. Look around for other people that might be pursuing her, or planning to break into your home. The security consultant said you will know whether you should open the door to that person.