Nikki Halley is a woman with strong ideas and there are many who feel she is overstepping her brief. One wonders why Trump has not fired her as he has fired so many of his close staff. Tillerson, McMaster, and a host of others have been shown the door. Nikki Halley has survived which is a bit of surprise as she also does not seem to toe the president's line. Her recent statement to the GOP lawmakers that Russia never "was or will be a friend" of the USA is a direct spanner in the ideas of the president, who has stated that he would like to meet Putin for a working relationship.

The president has not spoken about the expulsions and one has a feeling he is being presented with a fait accompli. Worse she grandly said that Russia had interfered in the presidential election. This is a touchy point and a Youtube video has reported that Trump has never used such words regarding the Russian intervention in the US election. I don't think he will be happy that his permanent rep to the UN is articulating such ideas. She continues on her Russophobic rant.


One of the reasons McMaster was sacked was because in an address to a security conference in Europe he committed the cardinal sin of stating that Russia interfered in the US election but did not add that this interference had no action on the result.

Trump was incensed and very soon McMaster became history. Halley has said very much the same thing and she still survives.


After Halley had made her statement on Russian interference in the presidential election Trump must be wondering how all his lieutenants are so bloody well convinced that Russia interfered in the presidential election.

He has himself never said a word to this effect because he does not believe it. He would like an accommodation with Putin, who he admires but the all-around atmosphere built up in America of the “Russian connection" is inhibiting his actions and forcing him to do things he would otherwise not have done. In that respect, Halley has boxed him into a corner and listening to the lady talking glibly on Russia show that she is least bothered about Trump.

In a way, she could be baiting Trump and one hopes that the president has realized it. At the moment she is gloating in her power to make such statements.

Donald Trump is a man of action and it's about time he used the sword to send Nikki Halley packing notwithstanding a rumoured "affair" between the two. Halley, if she continues, may spring another surprise on Trump and then perhaps it may be too late.