Donald trump is a man who is a fighter when faced with an adverse situation. The latest news, that his ex-Security Advisor, Lt General Micheal flynn had asked for a pardon and confessed to the FBI, has brought home the reality that he could be on the chopping block. Trump has fought back and in a series of tweets has slammed the FBI. He has accused the FBI of having its reputation "in tatters". He has added that the FBI must bring its tattered reputation "back to greatness". Time magazine has reported that the president is riled with Special Council Mueller and his approach.

Flynn and FBI

Lt General Flynn is in trouble for reasons created by himself. He had lied to the Vice President and the FBI about his meetings with the Russians. Now he has come clean and confessed the same to the FBI. Trump has pointed out that there was no need to tell a lie as whatever Flynn was doing was not illegal.

Anti-Trump bias

The recent removal by Mueller of a member of his team named Peter Strzok for being a party to anti-Trump tweets was the ostensible reason. Strozok had also investigated the e-mail allegations against Hillary. Mueller had to fire the man to show that he was impartial. But surely, he would have known about the mental makeup of Strzok and one wonders why he took him onto his team initially.

Trump has seized on this point to point out that the FBI investigation is biased against him. He has also denied that at any stage he had asked the Ex-FBI Director James Comey, to "go slow" on the investigation against Flynn. He has dubbed this as "fake news". Comey was fired by Trump when he was away on a tour.

Trump fights back

Trump is fighting back, as, in a tweet, he has accused the hiring of a man who let Clinton off the hook in the e-mail investigation, to be part of a plot against him. Trump does have a point, as this Russian connection investigation does not seem to have served any purpose. The main aim is to keep the fire burning, in the hope that at some stage Trump can be compromised.

CNN has reported that Flynn confessing to the FBI may open up a can of worms. Flynn is not expected to compromise Trump, but the arrow is moving closer to Trump. This investigation would probably never have taken place, in the event Hillary had won the election.

Last word

The premise that the Russians influenced the 2016 Presidential poll is, in fact preposterous. They may have tried, but to insinuate that they helped Trump win, is an insult to the American voter. Trump is on guard and his tweets show that he is not a man who will throw in the towel.