Donald trump, true to his character, has acted in the only way he knows. He has sacked the Secretary Of State Rex, Tillerson, while he was on a tour of Africa. True to his character, Trump praised Tillerson's contribution, but his sacking was long expected. Trump and his Secretary of State were not on the same frequency, especially after Tillerson had once referred to Trump as a "moron." Pointedly, Tillerson did not thank the president for the good words he spoke about him. BBC has reported that Tillerson was not given any advance information about his sacking and he was replaced by the CIA director Mike Pompeo.

Trump sacks

During his 16 months in office, Trump has had a large turnover of his staff.

The president has been acting like a bull in a china shop as he has changed his staff and top aides at will. In addition, the manner of the removal of all his aides and members of his cabinet is by a simple tweet without any advance warning. Maybe he wants to create a spectacular effect. Tillerson is the latest to be sacked but he is not the last and more heads could roll in the months to come.

Many people are wondering at the speed with which Trump sacks his staff. One reason could be that the president, hemmed in by many factors, notably the Russian connection, is feeling insecure.This is leading him to sack anybody who he feels is not toeing his line. In the case of Tillerson, his reference to Trump as a "moron" was not forgotten.

Tillerson never expressed regret for it but Trump was looking for a way out. The Secretary of State has now said that he will retire and go home. There is nothing much he can do anyway.

Trump is decisive

To be fair to the president he has kept his poll promises and acted decisively in many matters. He was against the Iran nuclear deal, while Tillerson felt it was okay.

This was another reason for the sacking. Trump likes a lot of drama, as he was a reality star. He has used this to good effect by sacking Tillerson while he was away on a tour of Africa and grabbed headlines all over the world.

The new incumbent to the post, Mike Pompeo, the CIA director, is not going to have it easy despite all the praise heaped on him by Trump. It's a moot point how long he lasts as Trump had earlier lambasted the intelligence agencies on a number of matters including the Russian investigation.


Trump will now have a free hand and shape foreign policy the way he wants it. He will also like to kill all ideas that Russian has a connection to his win. This is disturbing him the most.