So, I could predict that the Putin's Syria war should be considered as not exactly an accomplished mission, and this first Russian Orthodox crusade runs the risk of a full-scale Proxy war. Now, together with the Russian air supremacy fighters, the revenge for Roman Filipov (see the pictures gallery) is coming. It's quite possible that destiny is calling you!

The line is drawn – make no mistake

Reportedly two, and later another two Su-57 type Fighter Jets were recently deployed along with four multi-role air superiority fighters Su-35, four close air support fighters Su-25 and a radar plane A-50U at the Khmeimim Air Force base.

Designed by the famous Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, the newly introduced Su-57 is developed for air supremacy and absolute air defence suppression roles. Russia's fifth-generation fighter jet is designed also for a ground target search-and-destroy role. Being equipped with an active airborne phased array radar, it detects such targets at distances far beyond the range of the most modern Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPODS).

The overseas deployment of four Su-57 fighter jets, which were filmed landing at Russia’s Syrian airbase, would represent the mightiest high-tech military system Russia has exhibited in Syria, a conflict that has already been used to demonstrate the excellence of many newest Russian weapons types.

Although according to Kommersant, an important and well-informed Russian daily, these Su-57 stealth fighters should not be engaged in active combat, it is unthinkable that the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces could ever expose these technological marvels to the danger of being attacked and destroyed by the F-22 Raptors.

These fifth generation fighter jets shall be thoroughly armed!

Likely Russians look for revenge after Wagner's Brigade massacre

Late on 7 February, a battle took place in Eastern Syria between Syrian pro-government forces and the Kurdish-led troops, supported by some American military advisors. The Kurds with US backing took over more territory as they drove ISIL out, raising concern in Russia over the possibility of proclaiming a Kurdish state east of Euphrates.

Such a state would have to allow the establishment of American military bases in Syria. During the hostilities, some US warplanes conducted air-strikes against pro-Assad troops, leaving up to 100 of 500 government fighters dead.

A fierce and dangerous trial of strength could start in the spring

Russia has surprisingly, at last, voted for the ceasefire in Syria in the United Nations Security Council. Since the UN' (USA, UK and France) outrage at Syrian suffering appears to apply only for one of the sides of the hostilities, the fact isn't a plea for some moralising discourse with the Security Council influence. There is probably another explanation for that.

And this week, after Vladimir Putin has ordered a daily pause in bombardments and shelling against the Eastern Ghouta township, turned into a rebel fortress.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, made the announcement, saying the ceasefire would run from 09:00 until 14:00 local time daily. It means, above all, one thing, namely: the Russian warplanes should be grounded in the Khmeimim air base for a while.

The current military and political situation in Syria requires an decisive enforcement of the Russian Air Force. The pro-Assad forces have a not had an easy time. But these air dominance fighters are likely to need the necessary adjustments, which would adapt the warplanes to the hot climate and sandstorms. Fair play? That's out!