Donald Trump has faced significant criticism and rightly so, he lies, has allowed white supremacy ad neo-nazism to gain momentum in the states and those who he has employed by him often don't last long. The latest to go is a close advisor, Hope Hicks, who resigned from her position after admitting she has told ‘white lies’ on behalf of the president.

Interestingly and surprisingly, Donald Trump has backed tougher gun laws, asking US lawmakers to “go big” to prevent further school shootings.

White lies and the NRA

Communications Director, Hope Hicks, has this week resigned from her position after she revealed that her job sometimes involves telling lies for the president.

She apparently told a few colleagues that she planned to leave the role and was in no way connected to the questioning by the House Intelligence Committee, this is according to multiple White House aides. However, the timing is suspicious, and it does seem likely she was about to be found out by the HIC during those questions and planned to leave to try and save face.

Perhaps the most surprising announcement is that Donald Trump backs stricter background checks and raising the age to buy rifles from 18 to 21, this comes after the NRA has pressurised the Trump Administration to loosen current laws and to arm teachers. Having received significant amounts of money from the NRA, this makes the announcement even more surprising, saying “It’s time. We’ve got to stop this nonsense. It’s time.”