An Amtrak train riding down a new high speed rail route in Washington state has come off its tracks, flown off the side of a bridge and rained 13 train carriages down on the Interstate 5 highway, like a scene from a “Final Destination” movie. Following the crash, considering that the train contained 77 passengers and seven crew members and five vehicles down on the highway below were struck by falling cars, more than 100 people have been taken to hospital, and at least six people have been left dead by the incident. Now, those victims are coming forward with eyewitness accounts of the incident.

‘It felt like it was in slow motion’

One survivor said that the crash felt like it was taking place “in slow motion” and that she “felt like a pinball in a pinball machine.” She added that all around her, all she could see was “rubble.” That was it. Destruction. Luckily, the only injury that this particular passenger sustained from the incident was a cut on her lip, but other passengers weren’t so fortunate.

Another survivor said that he could not believe that the crash was taking place and stood up to feel the entire train shaking under his feet. One victim of the incident described the sensation of being on the train as “a 3D simulator” like the ones at Disneyland where you get in the thing it shakes you up, down, left, right, every which way. It was crazy. She described what followed out on the scene as the emergency services arrived as “mass confusion” on a slant.