With all the hullabaloo about North Korea's missile launches and nuclear tests, it seems Iran has been put on the back burner. Despite the nuclear deal signed under the Obama regime tensions are riding high with the US and Iran.

Similar to North Korea the US is not happy with Iran because it is testing weapons though of course not of the nuclear variety.

Iran's Farzad Esmaili Head of the Revolutionary Guards anti-aircraft division says Iran has successfully tested its own home grown anti-missile system which can also shoot down incoming aircraft.

The system is known as the Bavak 373 and is expected to be fully up and running by March 2018.

Iran already has a Russian made air defence system which came on line in 2015 known as the S-300. The system bought in 2010 was not able to be completely deployed because of sanctions as Iran could not buy the parts it needed to get it operating. Now with sanctions lifted under the nuclear deal, Iran was able to purchase the parts it needed and it is fully active.

Esmaili, in an interview with Iran's state broadcaster IRIB, trumpeted the fact that Bavak 373, as opposed to the Russian S-300, was completely home made.

Trump and the nuclear deal

Since taking over the White House from Obama, Donald Trump initially threatened to tear up the nuclear deal.

Like everything this man says or does it alarmed other nations who were part of the nuclear deal with Iran.

Mr. Trump has yet to make his Iran policy clear and as to whether he will tear up the deal is open to question. Trump walked away from the Paris Climate Deal despite the protestations and irritations it caused other world leaders.

So for Trump to threaten to tear up the nuclear deal would not be surprising. Trump - love him or hate him - does seem to have a tendency to keep to what he promised the voters who put him in the White House.

Rouhani's response

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has made it clear that if Trump keeps up the threats to his country or indeed tears up the nuclear agreement, Iran will respond: Not necessarily militarily but according to the Iranian President, the nuclear ambitions of Iran would be re-started.

Rouhani's statement about whether that nuclear programme would be for energy or for weapons was not mentioned. It was stated simply that the programme would be restarted in the face of any American decision to walk away from the deal, or constant threats.

Meanwhile, America has said that the Islamic nation is keeping its side of the nuclear deal but with Trump in the White House anything is possible.