Hurricane Maria has cropped up out of nowhere to wage war with the Caribbean Islands. It's made its way through the island of Dominica as it charged onto the eastern coast and headed for the south-western region, where it's been downgraded from a category 5 storm to a category 4, but that's still strong enough to tear through cities and cause casualties and devastating damages.

Death count could be anywhere between 40 and 60

Dominica has faced a lot of damage and devastation in the wake of Hurricane Maria. They'd barely gotten over the destruction of Hurricane Irma and were still struggling to get even the most basic essentials like food and water and medical attention to the victims of Irma.

And now Maria's come along to screw everything up.

According to Dominica's Prime Minister Skerrit, whose roof was torn off his house by the 155mph winds of Hurricane Maria, has said that "almost every person I have spoken to" have had their roofs torn off their houses. This storm just won't let up. They've all been as devastated as the last; Irma was a category 5, too. But how many fatalities can we expect? Skerrit has confirmed that there will be deaths confirmed, but says that we won't know exactly how many until tomorrow morning. So, we can speculate that it'll be around the same number as Irma since the storms are of the same strength. Irma claimed 40 lives in the Caribbean and 20 in Florida. We'll just have to wait and see when the reports come in.