The National Hurricane Centre has released various key messages about Hurricane Irma as it continues to wage war against the Bahamas and Haiti, and the state of Florida is evacuating as the storm spreads. The NHC have officially downgraded the storm from category 5 to category 4, but they are nevertheless warning that Irma is still “extremely dangerous.”

Irma’s gale-force winds have a sustained speed of 155mph, while the Bahamas, the Turks, and the Caicos are being warned of winds that could be potentially life-threatening hitting them until this weekend.

They are also predicting that some parts of the northern region of Cuba will be met with heavy extreme weather conditions. Florida is being evacuated as we speak, because forecasters are expecting the severe hurricane conditions to hit the state by tomorrow night.

The storm is expected to spread to other US states

While the spread of Irma to Florida is being described as a surge of “life-threatening inundation” by the NHC to take place over the following 36 hours, the storm is also expected to hit various other US states over the next five days: Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Those states have been told to expected “life-threatening flash floods and mudslides” by next Tuesday. That word “life-threatening” keeps coming up and it’s terrifying. This is almost like a Biblical thing.