Donald Trump: 100 days in the White House

On the occasion of his first 100 days in the White House, Donald Trump has granted an interview to the Reuters agency in which he warned of the possibility of a "serious, serious conflict" with North Korea for the nuclear programs at his hands The Kim Jong-un regime. The US president Donald Trump has addressed a wide range of political and personal issues and has admitted that it was not expected that the presidency of the country would be so complicated.

Trump: North Korea can have serious conflict

"There is a possibility that we end up having a serious, serious conflict with North Korea," Trump stressed.

The leader has said that although he would like to resolve the tension with the Pyongyang regime peacefully and through diplomacy, that option is "very difficult".

Donald Trump has called North Korea its biggest global challenge.Washington has asked China to mediate with the Kim Jong-un regime. In this regard, Trump has called on his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, whom he described as "good man", to make every possible effort in that direction. "I think he's trying hard, I know he'd like to be able to do something about it," he said.

Donald Trump: Why we spend more on Climate change?

On climate change, a phenomenon that Donald Trump has denied, he has lamented the bad treatment that the US considers received at the Paris climate summit and has advanced that within two weeks he will make public its decision on whether the US remains in the agreement or not.

The president says he is willing to keep the country in the pact as long as Washington achieves better conditions.

Trump believes that China, India or Russia do not pay enough to help the least developed countries fight climate change. "It's not fair because these countries pay almost nothing and we (the US) are paying huge amounts of money," he said.

"We want a fair deal," he has clinched.

Trump on budget problems

Donald Trump has been quiet about the possibility of a closure of the Administration because of budget problems. "If there is a closure, there is a closure," he said on the eve of the deadline for Congress to reach an agreement on public spending that would avoid the closure.

Donald Trump: I though it will be easier

In a more personal reflection, Trump has admitted that he thought that presiding over the United States would be "easier" and that he was surprised how complicated it is to preside over the country. "I loved my previous life, I had so many things going on, this is more work than I had in my previous life, I thought it would be easier," he said after revealing that he misses things like driving and feels In a bubble.