The authorities are investigating allegations that US marines, as well as British marines, posted nude photographs of women combatants on a secret page on Facebook. Such an act violates military law. But everything doesn't go by the rule book and in this case, as reported by Fox News the elite force of the US army have been photographing fellow women, combatants. The Photos were posted on a secret page on facebook. The page was maintained by a marine and probably the members of this elite force used it to pep up their lives. .The photos were uploaded without the consent of the women.

the marine who worked with a contractor would provide an online link to the photos. The names of the women and the units they served in was also mentioned along with the photo. The marine is under investigation and the contractors work terminated.


Such a thing could not go on indefinitely and the matter has been detected. Major Clark Carpenter, spokesman of the US marines has confirmed that an investigation is going on. U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said he expects a full investigation by the Marine Corps. He said "Degrading behaviour of this kind is entirely unacceptable. They and the nation deserve better," Many women have tweeted their disgust.


The fact is that sexual harassment and crimes are deeply embedded in the US armed forces. A 2016 report has confirmed that there were over 6000 cases of sexual harassment in 2015, almost the same number as in 2014. One is reminded of the time when the Britsh army marched in India with a retinue of camp followers. The first Duke of Wellesley when marching from Madras against Tippu Sultan had along with more than 1000 women camp followers.

The same was the practice in the Civil war in the USA.

Ending harassment

The latest sex harassment allegations were reported by a veteran who had served in both Iraq and Afghanistan named Thomas Brennan, in 2016. Now that the matter is reported one expects the US top brass will act decisively to end this harassment. Such acts cannot be totally stopped but the stringent action is called for. Women are agitating in many fields and perhaps they could do something about such incidents as well.