The action was held in New York in the Times Square. On Tuesday morning, 8th of March, Russian flag made of white, blue and red flowers appeared on the bright screens of the famous Square. The slogan "From Russia with Love" showed the intention to bring some positivity on the International Women's Day. People who decided to take part in the action voluntarily, gave women, passing by, flowers and spoke kind words. Twitter users already shared photos and impressions of the action with a hashtag #makerhersmile and #fromrussiawithlove

Even the rainy weather did not stop the Russians, who came out to share a little joy with others.

How did Russians come to this idea on Women's Day?

Russians living in New York came up with this idea. They have received support in social networks and invited everyone who wants to help them to join them on the Times Square. One of the main organisers, photographer Kirill Timonin, said that their goal was to promote the real image of Russia and to make women of America smile. He also adds that many were greatly surprised by this. "For them, it was unexpected and unusual. Not so often, especially in Times Square, girls get flowers just for being there. Here it is not very common, and Russia is perceived in a different way" said Timonin.

"This kind of action was held in the US for the first time," says the source from RIA News.

Next year, volunteers plan to organise it in other cities of the country.

Russian traditions of celebration is slightly different

In many countries, International Women's Day is a day when people highlight serious issues, such as equal rights and violence against women. But in Russia and most post-Soviet countries, it is more of a holiday, when women receive flowers and gifts from family and friends.

Schools and most of the companies are closed to give a day off. People celebrate in restaurants or home, making special dinner.

Today, in the USA, Russians tried to share positive vibes and traditions of their country.