The FBI will be taking steps towards investigating whether classified materials were sent through the email of Hillary Clinton. The probe was dropped in July this year as there was no evidence of any leak of sensitive information. However, according to the FBI Director James Comey, in connection to an “unrelated case,” some emails have been found, which can be relevant to the Clinton investigation.

8th November is just around the corner and such revelations will definitely cause a setback to Hillary Clinton’s camp. Especially after the third presidential debate, Clinton was said to be in a positive position in the election as Donald Trump apparently was perceived to have shot himself in the leg with certain comments.But, with the investigations just opening some days before the voting day, Trump can benefit to a large extent.

He played this 'email investigation' card throughout the presidential debates and now he will have more reason to do so.

Trump pushing the card

As expected, Donald Trumpis all out with this new revelation calling it “the biggest political scandal since the Watergate”. These ‘new emails’ were discovered when the FBI were doing an investigation into sexually explicit emails to a minor girl by Mr. Anthony Weiner, a former congressman and estranged husband of Hillary Clinton’s aid Huma Abedin.

However, Clintonwas pretty confident that this investigation wouldn't hurt her chances in the electoral race. Hillary was very supportive of the investigation where she claimed the fact that the people need to know the truth as soon as possible.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, continued to push the issue in Iowa where he called for justice. “The FBI would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offence”, he said. Reports have indicated that there are over 1000 new emails (not sure chains or individual emails). There hasn't been any investigation yet into the emails found so it is tough to say whether new evidence will raise legal problems for Clinton.

But what is quite certain that, Clinton has a new quandary she really didn’t want right before the elections. After having a fairly decent campaign followed by a successful presidential debate, it would be a killing blow to her chances if the FBI does find some relevant information.

Revelations could help Donald Trump

These emails were recovered by a different set of prosecutors who weren't part of the team who investigated the Clinton emails.

During the course of their investigation, they stumbled upon some State Department emails.

It seems that such revelations will be setting a new tone for the elections till 8th November. One can rest assured as to what Donald Trump will be focusing on in the following days. Although nothing is confirmed yet, but this has tensed up the atmosphere and it might just shift the balance a bit in Trump’s favour.