After 'pizzagate' comes arrests of Norwegians involved in pedophilia, some of those involved are lawyers and politicians, according to Norwegian police. The cases include rape, trafficking, and production of photos and videos of child abuse.

History of pedophilia and sexual abuse in politics

In 2015 British police launched "operation hydrant", and investigated about 1400 celebrities, politicians and personalities, suspected of child abuse and pedophilia. The scandals in the world of politics do not stop there, after the death of "big Cyril", a member of the British parliament, has been revealed he abused hundreds of children.

The allegations came after his death, and other politicians were involved. Credibility comes not only by the number of victims and their reports but, from a member of the same parliament, Geoffrey Dickens, who prepared a dossier some 30 years ago. At the time the politician told his family members that the dossier he was preparing would "blow the lid off of the pedophile ring and perhaps take down powerful, famous sex abusers who had infiltrated the highest reaches of British life". Margaret Thatcher's government is accused of covering up a large amount of reports and documents that connected important politicians to the pedophile ring. Not to mention entertainers and anchors Rolf Harris and BBC's Jimmy Savile.

Convicted sex offender Epstein flew powerful friends to his 'orgy island'

Perhaps the most disgusting of all in the United States, is the case of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, pedophile and a billionaire, friends with the most powerful people on the planet, including: Tony Blair, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson and other powerful figures.

Although "pizzagate" has not been proven yet, one troubling fact is certain, Bill Clinton flew in the "Lolita express" 26 times. What makes this shocking, is the fact that these flights were to his private island, an island known to have held orgy parties involving minors. It is also very probable, by witnesses accounts given to police, that Epstein arranged orgies for hishigh-profilee friends in order to blackmail them later.