As we should all know that being at school is a toughenvironment to be in when you're gay. There's always lack of empathy and understanding. You fear of being judged and struggle to fit in with the rest of those who are similar ages to you.

In the end you see the light at the other end of the tunnel and you begin to lead a very happy and successful life. This just proves that this can happen. Scott McGlynn, a 29 year-old gayfrom Wales is living proof. Scott spent years of torture at the hands of bullies throughout his school years. Now here he is with a successful book named 'OUT' which he shares his difficult experiences of being bullied and finding it hard to feel acceptance...

What made you decide to write a book?

I've always enjoyed writing. Bringing out a book has been a goal of mine for 3 years now which I had the time to write it last year. I've always wanted to help people suffering from bullying and of course help people coming out. Sharing my experiences helps others.

When did you first realise you were gay?

From a young age, I've always known I liked guys but I didn't actually know what the word 'gay' meant until I was a young teenager as we never had google or smartphones to look up what it meant back then.

Was it a struggle to come out?

I was bullied a lot at school and work so it was very hard for me to admit who I was for a long time. I felt I was living a double life most of the time.

My friends were supportive which is great to have! I remember when Will Young came out which made it big on front page news.

What was life like at School?

Yes, in my book 'OUT' I tell everyone about my struggles of dealing with bullying, depression and anxiety. I struggled in my first job as the manager used to comment on how I sounded which knocked my confidence quite badly.

How important is it for you to inspire others to come out?

Talking with so many people in the LGBT community this year since the book release, it's amazing! I always use quotes that are 'Always be yourself' and 'never change who you are'.

Have you ever been asked for advice by others who are wanting to come out?

Yes! I've been speaking to people in UK and America asking for help and advice.

I always work closely with people who need support and help when coming out which is very inspiring and really mean a lot to me!

What reactions have you been receiving from the public about your book?

Very positive which means a lot. I've had people of all ages read it . People who can relate to me from the bullying side of things and young people who are still at School found it inspiring which means the world to me.

How has life changed for you since finding fame?

This year has been crazy for me. It's all seemed to have happened at once which is amazing! I wouldn't exactly say fame, I'm just a normal guy who has major ambitions and wants to do a lot in my life. I've worked very hard from getting the book right and getting people to read it.

Meeting/networking with so many people around the world. To be successful you have to work hard.

Have you got plans to write a second book?

I've been asked this a lot, I would possibly do one about being in a gay Relationship, the ups and downs to it, but a lot of people tweet me on Twitter saying about doing a children's book. I'm working on so many other projects although it might be a goal for mine for 2017/2018.

What was it like to be awarded with an LGBT inspiration from the Guardian?

It was a huge honour! I didn't expect to make it into the top 100 with the amazing Ian McKellan who is a huge inspiration to me. Then I was voted top 40 in Wales a month after so thank you to everyone who voted for me!

I'm now going for the LGBTaward next year, fingers crossed!

You're also a celebrity interviewer, how's your website going?

It's going amazing. Hard work certainly pays off! I worked hard for 12 months and now it's gone global. I'm also working with people in America as well.I would love to interview Nicole Richie for my website in the future.