A gay princess would be a huge step into the 21st century for Disney

Everyone loves a classic Disney animated Film, however, after over 50 animated tales there still hasn't been one gay princess. Why is that Disney? Okay, granted that back when Disney released the first animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 being gay was sadly and unjustly frowned upon and being gay also meant being cast out from society, however this isn't 1937 anymore Disney. This is 2016 and we still haven't had a gay princess or openly gay character in the animated films.

For decades Disney has been seenas theboss for producing top animated films. The films set examples such as being brave, true, and having courage, as well as standing up for what you believe in and going against what society expects you to do.Disney has broken stereotypes with its films, particularlywith Frozen. In this film we see Elsa whois a powerfulqueen. She is the first Disney princess not tohave a prince or male love interest, instead proving that women can be strong and independent without men.

For years we have seen princesses rely on men and princes to save them, such as prince charming saving snow white from an eternal slumber and the beast saving Belle from being eaten by wolves, yet Elsa is perfectly capable of defending herself with her power and doesn't need a man.

She doesn't have to be alone though. Why not give her agirlfriend in the sequel? This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a gay princess to the world. This was a top trending topic on Twitter proving that the world is ready and waiting for agay princess.

We had our first black Disney princess in 2010 and we are awaiting our first Polynesian princess in the upcoming film titled 'Moana' later this year, so when will we have our first gay princess?

It would be another brilliant example that Disney is setting in proving that loves conquers all, no matter what your sexual orientation. Imagine how thrilled the LGBT community would be. It would be another huge achievement for them along with gay marriage being legal across Americaand it wouldhelp raise social issues as well.

Come on Disney,it's time to set another fab example. Give the world a gay princess!