Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said on Wednesday that he will visit the U.S. to meet the new president-elect Donald trump. He told reporters during his visit to Mongolia "I think there are some problems to go to United States, so I will go to see the new president" and "I have no worries about Trump" according to the Associated Press.

China alerted Mongolia that his visit could cause backlashes

China had previously taken actions against Mongolia for receiving the religious leader in 2002, by briefly closing its border and canceling flights from Beijing in 2006.

This past week the Chinese ministry of foreign affairs urged Mongolia to deny him a visit for the sake of a “sound and steady bilateral ties”. Yet, Mongolians and the Dalai Lama defied the Chinese threats and continued with the religious leader's scheduled meeting, held at the Gandantegchenlin monastery, where he preached to thousands of Mongolians Buddhists.

Could be Dalai Lama's last tour

Mongolian followers of Dalai Lama, said that this could be his last visit, citing the age of their spiritual leader (he is now 81 years old), some people travelled across the country to see him.The dispute between Tibetans and China started in 1950. when Chinese troops were sent to Tibet in order to develop the area.

They accuse the Chinese government of trying to replace their spiritual leader with a communist approved alternative. India accepted a large ammount of Tibetans and the former Tibetan government is currently exiled there. Since than, their leader has travelled the world advocating more autonomy for his homeland, in a non-violent form, hoping to gain international support and preaching Budhism.

He is no stranger to the United States, and has visited the U.S many times before, meeting with President Obama and past presidents throughout the years. China usually protest those visits urging governments worldwide to avoid interference on China's internal affairs. Trump's meeting with the Dalai Lama will probably not be any different, and cause suspicions in China, which continues to view him as a dangerous separatist.