China is not known just for the Great Wall of China but also amazing feats of engineering and display of craftsmanship and not just technological wonders. China has recently unveiled the longest escalator in the world that offers some great views of the surrounding scenery in the lush natural landscape of the country.

Some amazing views

The escalator is located in the hubei province of China and offers some amazing views of the Enshi Grand Canyon across which it runs for about seven hundred metres. The escalator takes a long and even winding route across the lush natural landscape of the river valleys and offers incredible views of surrounding mountains and peaks like a movie.

One can even spot waterfalls while standing on the escalator and even watch caves and pass through quaint villages and take splendour at the surrounding mountain scenery of peaks and river valleys. The escalator structure has been built with eco-friendly materials to blend with the natural landscape and vines have been planted on the sides so that the escalator does not appear out of the blue but as a part of nature. Now tourists and visitors will not have the need to walk long pathways but instead just stand on the escalator and get transported across breathtaking locales.

Popular with tourists

The escalator has already proved quite popular with the folks in China as lot of them are using it and making the area a tourist hotspot.

The escalator runs every hour and can carry about seven thousand people at a time and the entire ride in the escalator takes about eighteen minutes and the cost for the ride is about $3 per person.

The escalator also does not have sharp turns or deep falls and can be enjoyed as a smooth journey without the hassles and swiftness of short escalators seen in railway stations and other places.

China is making news with some great feats of construction like the biggest radio telescope in the world and the highest and longest glass bridge.

The Hubei province escalator adds another feather to the cap of the country for constructing such cool and amazing pieces of architecture that fascinates locals and tourists alike.